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Memberships in QSLB are available for a 1 year term running from January 1 to December 31. The benefits of membership shall terminate on December 31st of each year unless dues for the following year have been paid.

In order to qualify for QSLB awards, riders must be members of QSLB prior to final show (September).

The following types of memberships are available via QSLB:

JUNIOR LOCAL: QSLB local membership
JUNIOR NATIONAL: QSLB local membership and CADORA Ontario
SENIOR LOCAL: QSLB local membership
SENIOR NATIONAL: QSLB local membership and CADORA Ontario

In order to receive an Omnibus (and other National supplies including: rain cover, Lapel Pin, Baseball Cap) you must renew separately at the NATIONAL (SENIOR or JUNIOR) level at

Membership in QSLB, CADORA Ontario and CADORA National are not required to compete at QSLB competitions. Cadora Ontario memberships are NOT required to compete in Silver (Trillium) shows or championships. However membership is required to receive any year-end awards, prizes, and other membership benefits offered by the QSLB, CADORA Ontario and CADORA National.

Dressage Canada (DC) memberships are mandatory for participation in Gold and Silver shows (not required for Bronze or ESD level). Full members of Dressage Canada will receive a Test Booklet. Dressage Canada can be joined through Equestrian Canada.

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