Benefits of Membership

QSLB Cadora senior, junior, and associate members vote in the annual general meeting (senior members can stand for election to the board); receive discount admission fees to QSLB Cadora shows, clinics, seminars and social events; access to a video library; eligibilty for QSLB Cadora year-end awards. QLSB Cadora also maintains a web site:

Full (but not associate) QSLB Cadora senior and junior members are also members of CADORA Inc. and CADORA Ontario. CADORA Inc. provides a test book of domestic and FEI tests/freestyles; a CADORA Inc. directory; the quarterly news bulletin, CADORA INK; a national awards program; membership card; the right to attend the national convention; amateur sport tax receipts for sponsorship/donations; a web site; an education program; memorabilia; and representation at Equine Canada meetings. New members receive a lapel pin and sticker. Visit for more information on CADORA Inc and CADORA Ontario.

CADORA Ontario supports members with several awards programs, including a Scholarship Fund and year-end Silver Dressage Awards; and by maintaining a current website and Facebook page. CADORA Ontario also offers programs such as the CADORA Ontario Challenge, and the CADORA Ontario Roster of Riders.

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